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How To Get Clients To The Wedding Agency Via Instagram

There are virtually few businesses that you cannot advertise on Instagram. Thankfully, a wedding agency is not one of them. In fact, there are plenty of such services advertising on the platform, and there is enough room for more of them.

Follow these simple tips if you wish to bring in more clients to your wedding agency via Instagram and even steal some of the potential clients from your competition!


This one goes without saying. A big aspect of weddings is the visual result. If you want your wedding agency to attract as many “future newlyweds” as possible, you will need to make your Instagram account look impeccable.

Pick the best photos and videos of the best weddings you have organized so far. Use your best video and photo-editing skills or approach a professional editor to make them stand out in the ocean of wedding photos that you find online. Make sure that they look stunningly beautiful before uploading them to your profile.

Post many pictures of happy grooms and brides, delighted guests and appetizing foods. You can even buy Instagram followers that like your photos to increase your audience and your popularity. Your profile should look like a series of snaps you took while organizing weddings in heaven.


You can add plenty of information for each video or image that you upload to Instagram, but location tags have to be among the most important of them.

You will want to attract potential customers from your area. You could be organizing amazing weddings in West Virginia, and get requests from clients in Singapore. If you have not extended your business on a worldwide scale, you will have to disappoint some hopeful lovers from all the way across the world.

Location tags also help you appear quicker in the Instagram feed of users living in your area. So, you will have more people from the local community knocking on your wedding agency’s door.


Few wedding agencies can cover the entire selection of services that are usually associated with these happy events. Your specialties may include location scouting and floral arrangements, but maybe you do not have enough catering resources or many connections in the entertainment industry to provide high-quality music during the event.

Instagram helps you with your shortcomings by enabling you to collaborate with other wedding services. You can team up with other companies and offer joint services or strike up a deal through which you advertise each other’s specialties on your profiles. This strategy is highly likely to bring you a serious chunk of followers from their audience, increase your following and drive more sales to your business.


Hashtags are essential for boosting your popularity on Instagram according to social media experts InstaGrowing. Since you have a wedding agency to promote, you will need to use hashtags that are relevant to your business. Check out your competition’s pages and see which of their slogans attract the most people.

Alternatively, you can do a short survey among your followers to discover which hashtags appeal best to them. The game of using wedding-style hashtags is best learned in time, and you should develop a set of 4-5 solid hashtags that you will use frequently in your posts as you move forward.


A great way of getting more clients to your wedding agency via Instagram is by engaging with your users. The wedding season is perfect for keeping a nonstop open line of communication with potential customers. During this period, many people who are looking to wed will be posing questions on your profile. You will need to be agile enough to answer quickly, or they may move on to your competition.

Your best choice is to never sleep during the wedding season. Instead, post high-quality content and engage your followers frequently to make your profile popular on the platform, and thus more visible to people who have not heard of your business yet.


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