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Increase views of your wedding video on YouTube: expert advice

Whenever someone uploads a wedding video, he wants to get the fame by having the number of views. Having more views means you have the largest traffic on your channel. There is a direct relation between the two as if there will be large traffic; you will get a chance to have more views.

What to do for having the maximum view?

Mostly people want to increase the number of views on the wedding video. They are suggested to must follow simple tips to increase the traffic on their YouTube channel. If you want to boost the number of views on wedding video without doing any effort, you can use these ways:

Try to add the correct keywords

For the SEO, this is an important step that you have to add the keywords that will be searched by most of the people. You have to know that what your audience will search by using the search engines. If you use the appropriate keywords, your wedding video will get more chances to get a higher rank.

Try to choose the appropriate title

You have to choose the correct title for your wedding video. Don’t try to hurry rather you have to take some time and think for a while to choose the appropriate title. For this purpose, you have to take the correct keyword phrase, and you also have to add it in a title. Make sure that you are using the valid and the related keyword to your video. Make sure that you know well that what your audience will search and you have to select the keywords according to this. The experts at Social Boss will help you in the selection of the right titles that will help you get views.

There should be the customized thumbnail for your wedding video

If you want that the audience will take more interest to your video, it is important to use the customized thumbnail. Mostly people rely on YouTube so that it will automatically generate the thumbnail but this is not too much attractive.

Follow the following tips:

For having the customized thumbnail, these are some tips that you must have to follow for having the maximum views on a wedding video:

  • You have to choose the correct picture that will be relevant to the wedding video.
  • You also have to add some text in it to make it customized.

Benefits of customized thumbnail

Some of the benefits of customized thumbnail are:

  • It will boost the views of your wedding video.
  • You will compete with the other competitors.
  • The engagement of your audience will be increased.

Your wedding video should have a proper optimization

It is important that the description of your wedding video should contain all the elements that must be in a video. These three things must be in the description of your wedding video:

  1. The URL, where you want to send the targeted audience.
  2. There should be a keyword phrase at the starting of the description.
  3. There should be a mini-blog post that will clearly describe the contents of your wedding video.

Try to add the subscribe watermark

If you want that you will get the maximum views on your wedding video, you can add a subscribe watermark to your watermark. The benefit of adding the watermark is that when the audience will click on the watermark, they will automatically become the subscribers. The person that will become the subscriber can see you all latest videos and in this way your views on the wedding video will be increased.

Try to get the benefit of the subscribe annotation

It is believed that if you have a large number of subscribers, your viewers will also be increased. This step is considered as a simple and best. On each video, you have to take 30 seconds and then add the subscribe annotation. The benefit of adding this to your wedding video is that you can ask your audience to subscribe. When you have an increased number of subscribers, your views will also be increased.

These all are the effective ways that you can use to increase the views on your wedding video that you have uploaded to YouTube. If you follow all these rules, your video will automatically get more views, and you will not need to be worried about the increase in traffic.


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